The Divisible Invisible Indigenous

The Divisible Invisible Indigenous

Just finished re-recording and editing “Systemic Injustice” with a studio mic. It is in Latino and Native American Film Festival starting April 22, 2022. And it will be in the First Nations Film and Video Festival in Skokie, IL, airing on May 8.  

It is painful watching Indigenous people being so easily divided and picked apart by Colonialists.

It is a common tactic to find one supporter to advocate for the removal of rights for another Indigenous. One token to advocate for the denial of human rights from discrimination is enough to blur the lines for #HockeyCanada, the #NHL and Canada’s Human Rights institutions. 

Systemic Injustice is a documentary that explains what I learned fighting Indigenous mascots. I also did a follow-up written piece Systemic Injustice and Indigenous Racism that takes a look at the denial of Indigenous Racism in hockey. 

Why the government refuses to uphold the law in the face of white supremacist racism enrages me. Those responsible for ensuring our society treats everyone equally are refusing to do their job. They have the power to uphold the law based on their discretion, without judgement or responsibility for the exercise of that discretion. 

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