Beyond Green Consulting Inc.

Sustainability & Equity


Beyond Green Consulting Inc. is a 100% Indigenous-owned company founded by Brad Gallant in Mississauga, Ontario in 2010. Beyond Green produces Sustainability and Equity Education Materials. 

In 2013, Beyond Green started producing the “Going Green To $ave Green” energy efficiency video series. The series is featured for members of the Green Schools Alliance. The video series can help teach energy efficiency via the “MATH of Conservation” in schools.

Starting in 2014, Brad used his experience in the Human Rights Process to advocate for the removal of Indigenous Mascots and the racism they promote. Shocked by the profound culture of Indigenous Racism in Canada perpetuated by Mascots, Beyond Green produced the documentary “Systemic Injustice” to explain how mascots contribute to racism. He is developing a follow-up docu-series to explain the culture of Indigenous racism in Canada.

Equity & Sustainability

Video Series

The Going Green to $ave Green Video Series is an internet-based educational resource that helps teachers improve energy efficiency lessons for k-12 science classrooms.  To do that, Beyond Green developed turnkey video lessons that integrate energy efficiency literacy into classrooms.

The series teaches the MATH of energy conservation, which are steps required to execute an energy savings opportunity. 

  • Measure your energy use, 
  • Analyze where you are using too much energy, 
  • Target a project for energy reduction, and then 
  • Hone-In on new opportunities as they make sense.

The Going Green to $ave Green Video Series integrates with common-core science and sustainability curricula. The videos are 5-to-7-minute lessons that students can watch alone or in a group. They can lead to great discussions and opportunities to continue learning through educational inquiry.

Each video builds upon a student’s educational individual skills to develop skills in math and science to build energy efficiency literacy. It can give students the analytical skills they need to begin to understand the financial consequences of their decisions.

Equity & Sustainability

An Indigenous Production Company

builds on Beyond Green’s video series experience. 

As a first project, Beyond Green is submitting his documentary on Brad’s experiences fighting Indigenous Mascots at film festivals this year. Titled “Systemic Injustice” the documentary explores the culture of Indigenous Racism that mascots reinforce.

Cultural Racism presents significant obstacles to Indigenous Mascot removal. Beyond Green believes that the continued presence of Indigenous mascots indicates that Canada is not the inclusive society we believe it to be!


Film Festival Results

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