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Sustainability and Equity Education

Sustainability and Equity education are central to two new courses introduced by Beyond Green.

Going Green to $ave Green

The Going Green to $ave Green course to enhance enhance energy efficiency and financial literacy is built around the the Going Green to Save Green video series. Through the 36 lesson course, learners will watch short 4 – 8 minute videos to build their energy efficiency knowledge. Each lesson will be followed by a short 10 question quiz to test their understanding of the material presented. 

The series teaches the MATH of energy conservation, which are steps required to execute an energy savings opportunity. Sustainability and Equity

  • Measure your energy use,
  • Analyze where you are using too much energy,
  • Target a project for energy reduction, and then
  • Hone-In on new opportunities as they make sense.

Then with the tools to analyze the energy savings opportunities of new technologies users will be able to make better decisions and more importantly, more and faster decisions, to save energy and reduce their environmental footprint. 

Systemic Injustice

The Systemic Injustice course is derived from Beyond Green’s award-winning documentary “Systemic Injustice.” Systemic Injustice examines how the continued presence of Indigenous mascots demonstrates a profound culture of Indigenous racism. Mascots are not the primary problem, but a symptom of Canada’s gaslighting of Indigenous racism. It should make you question whether Canada is the country you think or hope, it is.

The course is divided into 12 segments to break down the irregularities Indigenous mascots represent and to try to understand why mainstream Indigenous racism is tolerated. The inconsistencies between Canada’s aspirations for its culture and the reality of its embedded Indigenous racism, the systemic bias, is there for everyone to see but is not discussed like the emperor’s nudity. Canadians’ virtue signal at every opportunity, praising the country’s progress in Indigenous relations without loosening its grip over Indigenous peoples.

If Canada hopes to become the inclusive country it seeks to be, then Canadians have to demand that mainstream racism is no longer tolerated. My work greatly contributed to eliminating the Blackhawks logo from the largest youth hockey league in the world, the Greater Toronto Hockey League, yet Blackhawks teams still play in Hockey Canada and the NHL team appears on CBC Hockey Night In Canada. A Hockey Night broadcaster called Craig Berube “Chief”, a known Indigenous slur, on a broadcast in November 2023.  That has to change. One race can no longer be set aside for unlimited ridicule. 


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produces Sustainability and Equity Education Materials. Beyond Green is a 100% Indigenous-owned company founded by Brad Gallant in Mississauga, Ontario in 2010. 

In 2013, Beyond Green started producing the “Going Green To $ave Green” energy efficiency video series.  The video series focuses on sustainability and equity education and can help teach energy efficiency via the “MATH of Conservation” in schools.

Starting in 2014, Brad used his experience in the Human Rights Process to advocate for the removal of Indigenous Mascots and the racism they promote. Shocked by the profound culture of Indigenous Racism in Canada perpetuated by Mascots, Beyond Green produced the documentary “Systemic Injustice” to explain how mascots contribute to racism.

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