Podcasts launching

In the next couple of weeks I will be Starting two podcasts: Systemic Injustice and Going Green to $ave Green. 

The Systemic Injustice podcast lieu of a Ph.D. thesis that I thought I would be working on at the University of Windsor, I will be starting two podcasts in the coming weeks. The first will be a follow up and an expansion of the topics I discussed in my documentary Systemic Injustice. I will be following closely the format of the film and discuss individually the evidence I witnessed on the culture of Indigenous racism in Canada.

If people listen to the podcast, and like what I am doing, I will invite guests and add episodes where I will discuss how those guests believed racism played a role in the abuse that was imposed upon them. The common question is not to parade their pain for all to see but to ask

  1. what they think is wrong with Canadian culture that allows people to hold traditional Indigenous racism like mascots dearly, and
  2. what has to change for Indigenous discrimination to lessen.

This was to be my thesis topic but I am not silly enough to think I would have support in an environment where defending the idea that Indigenous cultures are primitive and savage, academic discrimination in its truest form, is not punished.

The second podcast will be centred around my energy efficiency video series Going Green to $ave Green. Those videos are designed to teach children how to begin to understand how to save money using energy efficiency. The focus on the financial case for energy efficiency can encourage people to reduce their energy usage while saving money. Using market forces to promote conservation reaches all people, whether they are convinced of climate change or not. 

By focusing on small actions to conserve, I am hoping to not debate larger issues that delay the adoption of energy efficiency. I will reach out to contacts in energy efficiency across North America and get their perspective on how people can use technology to reduce their economic costs and environmental footprint.

Market forces are an easier encourage people to change and it is much easier than the fight I had against Indigenous mascots. Both topics seek to improve conditions for people. Inclusion with mascots, and affordability on energy efficiency.