Going Green to Save Green Podcast Launched

The Going Green To $ave Green Podcast was launched last week.  In the first episode, I attempt to lay out the structure of the podcast that will discuss new savings opportunities in the energy efficiency market.

For instance, I have been intrigued by the promise of solar attic fans. They attach to your roof and suck hot air from your house in the summer. This should reduce the cooling load and make your upstairs cooler. I have yet to find supporting information that analyzes the actual benefits and risks of the add-on, but want to discuss it with someone in the near future. 

Since I first did the Going Green To $ave Green Video Series, heat pump technology has improved significantly with SEERs over 30 for cooling, and Heating System Performance Factors getting closer to the cost of heating your home with natural gas. I will be speaking to an expert in heat pumps to detail how a heat pump could be a viable alternative to a gas furnace in the near future.

Another issue I wish to discuss is the increasing use of batteries to help even out the power supply from renewables. The battery packs are getting less expensive, but can you run your home on renewables and batteries year-round in Canada? How has your off-grid system configuration changed with improvements in technology?

And who knows, maybe I can get the support to run a k-12 home energy audit competition to foster of a conservation culture in North America. The plan, kids watch the video series, and target energy savings initiatives in their own home. That way, market forces, the saving green will encourage all people to reduce their environmental footprint.