Still Another Covid Update 8/17/21

Fourth Wave is Not Peaked!

It is the 4th wave. Canadian cases ↑ 50.7% week over the week ending 8/17/21, down slightly from 60.1% increase last week. US case increases slowing from 30% to 17%, and hopefully, there is not much more to go as US has renewed vaccination efforts. If Canada, cases increases follow the US and UK up the bell curve, cases will peak in 4 to 6 weeks at around 28K/w or 4000 cases per day in the country. But…

Schools are reopening in Canada next month. They opened in most places in the US this week. In Canada, 71.5% have received the first dose, 51.9% are fully vaccinated.

Of the 27.9% not vaccinated in Canada at all, 43% of those are children under the age of 12. These are the people we are putting together in enclosed spaces next month. Schools could present a source of a major outbreak.  

I thought this was done! I know we want it to be over, but it is not over.

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