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#COVID Data Update


Cases 5K/d Canada, 68k/d US last 48 hours. All in, 2.57% Canada infected 12.5% vaccinated, US 9.3% & 28.4. Still, very dangerous phase of #COVID.


Globally, cases ↑ +20% last week. Number driven by increases in Brazil, France and India, though per capita Indias values low. Mortality highest in Brazil, Italy and Peru. NY high case count driven by data adjustment. Case increases in Brazil India may drive new variants.


For 1st the #COVID pandemic, Canada is trending worse than the US. Currently, 12.5% or 4.76M with first doses. That number will have to be closer to 15M or around 40% before some normalcy resumes. @ 1M doses delivered a week, that may be mid-June before things start to clear.

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