Best Native American Film

It is was amazing to win Best Native American Film at the 12th Annual Latin and Native American Film Festival in 2022. I was humbled to share the award with a documentary produced by PBS Independent Lens Platform. There were about 300 films in the festival and 2500 entered. This award is particularly special to me. When I shared the victory with my mom it would be the last conversation we would have. 

I have updated my documentary with a better soundtrack. As entered in LANAFF, it was with an austere soundtrack that made it quite hard to watch. It will be updated on Tubi soon and is already available in its final form on the European streamer WoCoo.TV.

“Systemic Injustice” also won a Special Prize at the Paladino d’Oro Sport Film Festival. It was a hard slog getting it done with zero support from any arts funding vehicle in Canada but it was completed.

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